After freight bills have been audited, any or all of the following freight bill information from a shippers freight bills are keyed into our database:

Process DatePieces
Date to be PaidWeight
Batch Control NumberFreight Bill Amount Billed
Carrier NameFreight Bill Reduction Amount
Shipment DateReason for Reduction
Freight Bill NumberAccessorial Charge
Shipper/Bill of Lading NumberAccessorial Service
Customer/Vendor NameGL Code
Inbound/OutboundFreight Class
Origin City, State and Zip CodeDiscount
Destination City, State and Zip CodeInvoice Amount

Our data entry program immediately detects duplicate freight bills. 

It provides for the complete validation of carrier name, vendor/customer name, origin/destination city, state and zip code, GL or account code and accessorial service. 

Our program runs in a Window NT environment and is Y2K compliant.

After keying, any or all of the following freight management reports can be produced on a weekly, monthly or annual basis:











We also have the capability to produce graphs of a shippers freight bill data. 

We can either provide a file of the data which  could be used in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or produce the graphs for you.