a shippers freight bills are checked prior to payment to prevent the payment of freight bill overcharges.




To implement our pre-audit service, letters are sent to a shipper's carriers instructing them to send their freight bills to Associated Traffic Services for audit. 

Upon receipt at Associated Traffic Services, the freight bills are checked against bureau tariffs maintained by Associated Traffic Services and rate agreements and carrier discount information provided to Associated by our clients or their carriers for freight rate, commodity description and extension errors. 

If a freight bill is correctly billed in accordance with tariff or contract information that has been provided to us by our client and the freight charges are reasonable, we will stamp it "Associated Traffic Services-Freight Bill Audited". 

If a freight bill is not correctly billed and the charges are more than the amount reflected in the most recent pricing infor­mation that we have received from our client or our client's carrier, we will reduce the freight bill on the face of the bill showing the correct charges and the reason for the change.

As a result of the changes in the pricing environment brought about by the elimination of the filed rate doctrine and the uncertainty about what the "legal", "applicable", "agreed" or "reasonable" rate is, we have modified our pre-audit process to reflect these changes.

Rather than just check the discount and freight charge using the carrier's diskettes as do most pre-audit companies, our auditors have been trained to "look under every rock" and to do whatever is necessary to make sure that our clients pay the lowest freight costs.

More specifically, our clients freight bills are also audited as follows:


All freight bills are audited and mailed to our clients within 48 hours of receipt.


We request that our clients provide us with copies of any special rate agreements, discounts, or contracts which have been negotiated with their carriers.  This information will, of course, be kept confidential.


Upon completion of our audit, a report listing the freight bills that are reduced is provided. When provided in combination with our management reporting services, additional reports are provided.