The software program that we use to key freight bills can be provided to our clients to assist them in analyzing and managing their freight expenses.

Shown below are several "screen shots" from our software program. 

The first screen is a freight bill inquiry screen.

SCREEN.gif (23379 bytes)

This screen allows the user to look-up a single freight bill or a range of freight bills using any of the fields. For example, the user could look-up a shipment using the pro number, bill of lading number or any combination of these fields.

The second screen shows all of the reports that can be printed from this program to either the screen or printer.

report_menu.gif (26738 bytes)

It also shows the fields that the user can select to print any one of the reports based on selected criteria. For example, the user could select to print the outbound freight report to show all shipments shipped via CF Motor Freight from the City of Commerce during the month of July 1999 going to the state of Colorado that weighed more than 1,000 lbs.

The third screen is a "contact manager" for maintaining information about a shipper's freight carriers.

carrier_screen.gif (23047 bytes)

This feature is Internet enabled and by clicking on the icon by the carrier's home page or the shipment-tracing page, the user's browser is immediately opened and the user is taken to the carrier's home page or shipment tracing page.

This is not a "PC only" software product. The software may easily be modified to run on larger computer systems such as Windows NT, UNIX, VMS and AS/400. There are also "database gateways" avail-able for many different database management systems, including Btrieve, Oracle, RMS and many others.

July 24, 2003